Football field number templates from DSS
Match the Professionalism You Bring to Your Job

…finally have the tools that work as hard as you do rather than just make you work hard…


Read the following specs and see if the DSS Alumanumber
Painting System makes sense for you:

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FONT samples

  • Stencils are 4' x 6'
  • Made of 1/8" thick aluminum
  • Offsets built in for quick alignment
  • Easy to use hand holes
  • Pro, Stadium, or Custom Fonts (Stadium font pictured)
  • Kick-off “X” and T.V. arrow included
  • The only templates you'll ever need
  • Your time & labor savings make the $2,495.00 price an investment, not a cost.

The unfortunate reality of football field templates
Football field templates aren’t known for lasting a long time. They need to be replaced often. Wouldn’t you prefer a tool you can rely on? It’s time to get a professional level tool that matches your professional standards!


If you purchase LINE-UP and Alumanumber together, you can save $100!