Football numbering templates and yard line templates – designed by field professionals in the industry…

Yard line marking and football numbering have always been time consuming and difficult. Football field professionals have better things to do than spend hours placing football field hash marks and football numbers with awkward equipment.

You need a football yard line template that was designed for you. LINE-UP is fast, easy, lightweight, durable and accurate and storable. Designed for football field professionals by football field professionals.

The LINE-UP Hash Mark Painting System and Alumanumber were designed and developed by a football field consultant who has been involved in over 300 football facilities. Working closely with sports turf managers, and often saw the frustrations they faced with current methods used to mark yard lines and field numbers.

Most yard line and football numbering systems are made of wood or plastic making them heavy, flimsy and with sloppy results. They are difficult to clean and awkward to store. Something had to be done. Now you can get the job done in less time and more ease with great results. The LINE-UP Football field hashmarking system and Alumanumber are your best choices for Football field marking equipment.

"We've been using LINE-UP for several years; this tool is well thought out. It's self-aligning, self-storing, and lightweight. The chore of marking the field has become more efficient!"
--Mike McDonald, Sports Turf Manager, University of Minnesota


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